Sunday, February 21, 2010


February 2010 marks my 7th year anniversary selling gemstone beads.  I really take great pride in offering my customers items that are unique and different...that is why I travel and handpick my beads.  My customers love this too, and love standing out from the rest of the crowd!  I am very passionate about offering these kinds of beads, and will continue to do so.

However,  over the last 2 years, I've been wanting to branch out.   I have a great interest in and admiration for the talented artists who design and cast artisan components that are used to create fabulous jewelry.  These items include links, toggles, charms, connectors, etc...I am thrilled to announce that starting this month I will be adding artisan sterling silver, artisan shibuichi and artisan bronze components to my website.

These are all made from the time honored art of lost wax casting (first carved in wax, then cast into metal, whether it be sterling silver, shibuichi or bronze). All of these design components are superior quality, solid pieces and will add artistic flair to any design.   These are not mass produced components and styles range from very organic to very refined and ornamental.

Please visit my website and check out the following categories.  You'll find toggles, links, charms, etc...
Sterling Silver

I'll be working on getting all of these listed on my website throughout the month of February! So keep checking back!